2016 - the year that was

Let’s Laugh celebrates 2016 - every year it just seems to get better!

2016 started as a year of surprises.  Bron's first booking for the year came with just 24 hours notice when a client rang in a panic.  They'd put the workshop in the program but forgotten to contact her!  Happily all was fine and Bron was off on her unexpected trip to Perth.

February saw her in Adelaide and Sydney for Laughter Wellbing conference presentations and in Melbourne for a number of programs for a range of regular and new clients. 

March was nicknamed school month as Bron found herself sharing laughter, mindfulness and resilience programs at 5 local schools and 2 childcare centres. 

April included Bron's now annual trip to the USA (her 9th trip!) for the annual conference of the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humour.  This year it was held in Mesa Arizona where she also had the fun of visiting another landmark on her 'landmarks I'd like to visit' list, this time the Frank Lloyd Wright property Taliesin West.  She also enjoyed a wonderful open top sportscar adventure along route 66, which included more 'landmarks I'd like to visit', with stops at the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas, although both were for the second time.  She also managed to fit in a Laughter Wellbeing program for a company in Los Angeles!

May and June were Australia based with Bron presenting at events in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.  Sadly organisational changes at one of her long standing Age Care provider clients saw the end of her long running laughter programs at 3 age care centres, one had been running for 6 years and the other two for 4.  But as quickly as one door closes another opens and Bron began regular sessions with Arcare.  Probus, View and other community club invitations filled the vacancies in Bron's diary with laughter sessions becoming the popular winter warm up for many groups.   May also saw Bron take the stage at the Toastmasters Area 73 Convention as one of 8 finalists in the Toastmasters International Speakers Competition. 

In July Bron had the fun of heading out for workshops in Sydney and Newcastle and some wonderful return visits to several clients who, while only having her visit every 2 years have become long time regulars!  

August started out quietly with Bron working with the amazing Kathy, a friend from AATH and the CEO of Wiser Now (a US based company) on a new project focussing on positivity and gratitude in age care.  Despite a quiet start the month ramped up quickly with a surprising number of clients requesting programs on short notice.

September has seen Bron writing, studying that psych degree that will get finished! and planning for her return trip to Bhutan in November.  Bron has been accepted into a program called the 'slow change experience'.  The program is being run at and through the the Gross National Happiness Centre in Bhutan and the participants will be immersed in the theory, practice and policy of Gross National Happiness.  Bron will return from Bhutan fully qualified to teach others about the processes of GNH.

October was filled with workshops around Melbourne and in Bendigo.  Bron was also invited to give the closing key note address at the Australian Laughter Wellness Conference and to run a workshop at the Laughter Wellness Imersion program 2 days later.  

November saw Bron head back to Bhutan with 20 amazing young change makers.  The trip, organised by Humankind Enterprises and Digital Story Tellers in conjunction with the Gross National Happiness provided an indepth immersion into the theories and strategies of Gross National Happiness.  It was also one of the most exciting and enlightening trips Bron has taken and no doubt the second in what will become a long association with this amazign country.  Bron returned from the trip as a Gross National Happiness Ambassador.

December began quietly with just a few Christmas parties in the run up to the new year.  But as is becoming the way it is, several clients requested programs on short notice and Bron had the fun of doing a little Christmas shopping in Sydney and Adelaide.  

Christmas Day saw Bron take what she thought was her first booking for 2017 when Swisse Wellbeing booked her for January 5 but a mid sized accounting firm took the first program for the year honours with a short notice program booked Decmeber 27 and run on January 2nd. 

Here's looking forward to an amazing 2017.

Don't forget, Bron will be in the USA in April for the AATH annual conference and presenting at the UK Laughter Festival in June.  If you are in either country, or somewhere where she can set down on the flights over or back, and you'd like Bron to run a session for you please get in touch.  She'd love to share a program with you.

We trust you're haivng an amazing year. 






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