2017 - the year in review - so far...

2017 - wow!

2017 looked like it was off to a quiet start with just one booking planned for January 5.  Then Bron received an emergency call from a long standing client.  They thought they'd booked her, they'd put her in their program, and then, just 3 days before their event they realised that sometimes thinking and doing are different things.  Happily Bron was available and it was off to Brisbane for that surprise (to Bron at least) event.  

February saw her in home based and catching up with some of her regular clients.

March began with a wonderful retreat, a quick trip to Sydney for a client in the banking industry and then off to the USA, this time to Florida for her 9th attendance at the annual Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humour Conference.  Bron was delighted to, along with Kathy Laurenhue, received the  AATH book award for their book 'Creating Delight - Connecting Gratitude, Humor and Play for All Ages'.  Bron insists the book was written by the amazing Kathy Laurenhue, and that she simply took some of the images and worked on some of the ideas with Kathy.  At the conference Bron was also awarded the Knox Family Peace Scholarship for her work in sharing compassion and joy here in Australia, in the USA and in Bhutan. 

April began in Florida with Bron spending time with the people she calls her AATH peeps and then it was off to Long Beach California for a wonderful and very exciting week with Long Beach identity Dianne McNinch.  Then it was back to Australia and back to study as Bron continues to her Psychology studies.  

May was all about community clients

June saw Bron heading to Sydney for the Happiness and Its Causes conference and the chance to catch up with her London based buddy, mindfulness expert and Happiness and Its Causes presenter Shamash Alidina, and the opportunity to share some laughter and mindfulness with 2 Sydney based clients.

July was more locally based with Bron working at retreats and at events in Melbourne, Ballarat, Bendigo and on the Mornington Peninsula. 

August was a month of celebration with her Community Laughter Club celebrating its 13th birthday making it one of Australia's longest running community laughter clubs.  

September saw Bron volunteer her time to train another 6 kids from a disadvantaged support group as Laughter Yoga Leaders, bring the total number of trainees for the group to 30.  

October has been a quiet month which has given Bron a chance to re-train as a mindfulness instructor and run sessions at 2 very luxurious retreats.  For the past 3 years October has aslo been a month of travel for Bron bu this year it was more about armchair travel as she shared her programs with community and support groups around Melbourne.  It's also a month of mentoring as Bron branches out to support emerging speakers in her new speakers training program - Let's Speak and she's also been attending writers masterclasses and her coach laughs that it really is time for some Let's Write!  

November saw Bron sharing laughter with the wonderful clients at the Blue Angel Reiki Centre in Glen Waverley.  Invited in by good friend and community Laughter participant Ria, Bron was hesitant to be taking her rather loud program into a centre that mainly focusses on midndfulness, Reiki and other more peaceful modalities, but she needent have worried.  Bron will be returning to the Centre in 2018.

December sees Bron returning to Box Hill Institute to share Laugher with the staff, and then it's on to more personal things with her New York based daughter returning home for a few weeks or warmer weather. 

2018 is already looking like fun with conference presentations booked in March for a group in Sydney, the AATH conference in San Diego in April, in May Bron will be speaking at a rural women's retreat in Tasmania and the day she returns from Tasmania it's off to Europe for 3 weeks of travel and the chance to pop into the Happiness Resesarch Institute in Copenhagen.  

We trust you're haivng an amazing year. 






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