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Let's Laugh was founded on one person's passion for happier, more productive and more connected individuals, communities and workplaces.  That person in our Chief Happiness Officer Bron Roberts.

Since 2005 Bron has been fulfilling  her passion for sharing simple, effective and fun filled strategies for the good life.  She knows that most of us already possess the skills to be happier but that thanks to our busy lives we often overlook the most effective and most rewarding happiness strategies.  Bron brings her participants back to basics, re-introducing simple, effective and proven strategies for happiness, creativity and connection in ways that more often than not leave people wondering why others seem to make it all seem so hard.

Our popular programs include:

Laughter Wellbeing, a new and unique program developed as Bron's Humor Academy graduate project.

Laughter Yoga, yes, just like you've seen on TV, in a park or read about in the paper or a magazine. 

Mindfulness and Meditation, simple, effective and easy to learn mindfulness and meditation skills.


'Thank you so much again for sharing your laughter program at the Carers Repite Expo. The feedback from your session is so positive and many people have mentioned how much they benefited from having the opportunity to laugh and learn a little about the benefits of laughter.' - Janice Parfit - Project Worker, Uniting Care Community Options 

"Let's Laugh workshops in 10 words?  'Simple, powerful strategies with a postive impact presented with FUN!' Best session I've been to in a very long time!"  Drew Cartwright - Business coach - Sydney

A little about Bron Roberts - Australia's original 'Laughter Lady'

Newsflash -  Bron is now one of Australia's first Gross National Happiness Ambassadors - authorised by the Gross National Happiness Centre (GNH) center in Bhutan - the home of Gross National Happiness.

In 2016 Let's Laugh became Australia's first social enterprise Laughter based organisation.  Since founding Let's Laugh in 2005 Bron has supported community groups and those in areas of need with low cost, at cost and free workshops, trainings and programs to assist in raising levels of health, happiness and community connection.  It wasn't until she was at a conference in early 2016 Bron discovered that this is considered a Social Enterprise approach, so in effect, Let's Laugh has been a Social Enterprise since 2005!

Clients tell Bron that she's a very funny person.  While she claims not to be a comedian her presentations have been making audiences laugh for almost 30 years. 

Bron began her health and well-being, laughter, happiness and mindfulness journey in 1976 as a stress management consultant working with high needs clients in the health sector.  Convinced that the standard stress management, meditation and mindfulness (concious stillness as it was called then) practices popular at the time weren't the most effective strategies in such a high stress environment she began working with her clients to develop programs that suited their individual needs. 

Bron pioneered the use of therapeutic laughter in Australia in 1998 when she included laughter, laughter meditation and laughter yoga exercises in what had become popular stress management and work/life balance programs and it wasn't long before her clients and collegues nick-named her 'The Laughter Lady'.

In 2004 Bron founded one of Australia's first (and possibly largest) weekly community laughter clubs in Mitcham in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. 

In 2004 she qualified as one of Australia’s first fully certified Laughter Yoga Leader Teachers and in 2006, in recognition for her work in promoting Laughter Yoga around Australia  was named as one of the first Laughter Yoga Global Laughter Ambassadors.

In 2014 she completed a 3 year study into therapeutic humour and proudly earned the coveted title of Certified Humor Professional, she is the only Australian to hold the certification.

In addition to Laughter Yoga, Laughter Wellbeing and Meditation and Mindfulness workshops Bron provides Laughter Yog Leader training around Australia and is a popular mentor for many Laughter Yoga Leaders.  She's a gold member of the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humour and a member of the International Positive Psychology Association.

In 2015 and 2016 Bron travelled to Bhutan, in 2015 to treck, in 2016 to study Gross National Happiness at the Gross National Happiness (GNH) Centre under the direction of Dr. Saamdu Chetri.  In 2016 Bron returned to Australia as a certified Gross National Happiness Ambassador. 

Bron was delighted to be named a 2012 Kraft Vegemite 'Toast of a Nation' finalist in recognition of her work in promoting the health and wellbeing benefits of laughter and joy around Australia and in 2015 she was a finalist in the Whitehorse Business Awards Community sector.

Bron is the laughter ‘expert’ of choice for print, radio and television providers and you may have heard her on the ABC Insiders program, ABC 774 (now ABC Melbourne), ABC local in Tasmania and central Queensland, SEA FM, NOVA, LION FM and Radio NZ, and 3RRR. 

She has appeared in print in the Australian, the Melbourne Age, the 'RACV Magazine', 'Vital Magazine', 'MindFood', 'Australian Women's Health', 'Diabitic Living', 'Shine' - the members magazine for HBA and MBF, 'Australian Natural Health', 'Slow Living' magazine and Coca-Cola Lifestyle on-line magazine.

Bron has also shared her laughter techniques on several lifestyle reality shows and is the 'laughter provider of choice' for many media students and has appeared in 5 final final year media documentaries.  

She is also a contributing author to 'Using Humor to Maximise Living' - Mary Kay Morrison, published by Rowman & Littlefield Education, and 'THE HOME THERAPIST - A practical, self-help guide for everyday psychological problems' publised by Australian Academic Press and is a co-author of 'Creating Delight - Connecting Gratitude, Humor and Play for all Ages' - Kathy Laurenhue, Bron Roberts and Sharon Wall, published by WiserNow.com.

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