Community Laughter Yoga Clubs

Community Laughter Clubs are run by fully qualified Laughter Leaders who generously volunteer their time to help their local community laugh. 

Let's Laugh Chief Happiness Officer Bron Roberts still proudly facilitates the Mitcham Community Laughter Club which she founded in August 2004 - yes 12 years ago!  The club meets every Saturday morning at 9.30am at the Mitcham Community House, 19 Brunswick Road in Mitcham.  The laughter session runs for 50 minutes and is followed by morning tea for those who are able to spend a little more time with us.

If Mitcham is a little to far for you to travel to a list of all Victoria Laughter Clubs can be found at  

If you are after a club in another Australian state or another country you might be able to find one to suit you on the International Laughter Yoga web site at

If there isn't a club near you and you'd like to discuss the possiblity of you becoming your community's Laughter Leader, or you'd like to discuss becoming a Laughter Leader running programs in business contact Bron to find out about her fully certified Laughter Leader Training Programs. 

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