Laughter Leader Training

Let's Laugh Laughter Leaders Training Programs offer the latest Laughter Leader Training ideas as developed by Laughter Yoga International combined with the latest research into the benefits of laughter and laughter leadership skills and are presented by one of Australia's most experienced Laughter Leaders and master Leader Trainers.  

We bring our training to your venue and work within a timetable that will suit you and your staff.

Our popular Laughter Leader training programs include:

‘In-House’ Laughter Leader Certification Programs:

If you have a group of 5 or more who would like to train to run a community based laughter group or laughter club contact us to find out how we can bring the training to you, where ever you are.

If your organisation would like to train your own 'in-house' Laughter Leaders we can design a course that not only covers the general skills of Laughter Yoga but also adresses the specific needs or your organisation.  

Laughter Wellbeing Instructor Training

Unique to Let's Laugh Laughter Wellbeing combines Laughter Yoga Leader Training with an understanding of how the laughter exercises work and how they can be used to create ongoing change.  Because the program is broader and more indepth than Laughter Yoga it's popular with clients who want more than the exercises that make up the Laughter Yoga program.  Graduates of the Laughter Wellbeing program gain a dual certification - Laughter Yoga Leader and Laughter Wellness Instructor.

Laughter Leader and Laughter Wellness Instructor Training Program details:

Presented at your venue these programs are provided to groups of 5 or more.  Participants are provided with a full training kit that includes the latest Laughter Leader Manual provided by the Laughter Yoga International Laughter Yoga University and Laughter Yoga Exercise manual.

You trainer Bron Roberts is a fully certified Laughter Leader Trainer having studied under the personal guidance of Madan Kataria, founder of the International Laughter Movement and a Laughter Master.  She's a Laughter Yoga Global Laughter Ambassador and has trained and certified over 500 Laughter Leaders in Australia and overseas, assisted in the creation of dozens of Laughter Clubs and mentors a number of community Laughter Leaders and Leaders who have created their own Laughter Clubs and Laughter based businesses.  Bron has also run a community Laughter Yoga Club for 14 years and heads a successful and popular Laughter based business giving her real life experience as well as formal training.

Contact us for details on how we can work together to organise your Laughter Leaders Training Certification Program.     

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