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At Let’s Laugh we design a program to suit your needs and the needs of your group. 

To help you discover the types of programs and subject bases we offer we've provided a general overview of our areas of expertise.  Contact us to discuss the particular needs and wants of your organisation and your group and help us personalise our program to suit your specific needs.

All our programs are based on published clinical research and we work with you to develop a program that will suit your organisation, your people; be they staff, clients or community members; and your budget.

Offering sessions from as short as 10 minutes up to half day whole health and well-being workshops our programs will leave you, your people, and your organisation re-energised, re-focused and ready to ‘hit the ground laughing’.

Check out our ‘program pages’ for ideas on how we can help you discover the simple path to individual and organisational health and wellbeing.

Laughter; Let’s Laugh is Australia’s most popular provider of high quality, clinically based fun filled laughter and Laughter Yoga based programs. 

We combine high quality Laughter and Laughter Yoga techniques with proven strategies for having more laughter in your life, share the clinically proven benefits of laughter and, thanks to our research mentors, even explain how some of the most popular but unfounded laughter myths came to be.

Our Laughter teachers and Laughter mentors include Dr Madan Kataria, founder of the International Laughter Yoga movement, Dr Steve Wilson, founder of the World Laughter Tour, and leading laughter and humour researchers, presenters and trainers.

In April 2014 our Chief Happiness Officer Bron Roberts had the honour of graduating from the Humor Academy; a 3 year investigation of the research, presentation and promotion of Therapeutic Laughter.  She was honoured to be the first international graduate and is now an official HAG (Humour Academy Graduate).  Known as the Laughter Lady Bron is the only Australian Laughter presenter to hold gold membership of the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humour and is an associate member of the International Positive Psychology Association. In 2012 was the recipient of the Kraft Australia Vegemite "Toast of the Nation Award' for her work in spreading health and well-being through Laughter and Humour around Australia.  She runs her own weekly community laughter club, now in its 10th year and is an International Laughter Yoga Ambassador and an Australian representative for Laughter Yoga International.  When it comes to experience and expertise, there are few, if any, that come close.

Laughter Yoga: a fun filled combination of laughter, gentle exercise and good fun. Suitable for everyone of every age and ability Laughter Yoga is a must have short program for conferences, staff training days, festivals and when a little team based fun is called for.

Mindful Meditation: including Mediation Anywhere and One minute Meditation. Developed over 30 years ago by Bron Roberts, initially to meet the needs of high care post trauma rehabilitation patients, this unique and popular program has gone on to assist people from all walks of life to find inner calm and discover the joy and benefits of inner peace.

Stress Management and Resilience Building: aka Practicing Safe Stress. Discover the biology of stress; how you thoughts, your actions, and your environment effect your health not only effect your health and wellbeing but the health and wellbeing of those around you and your organisation as a whole, and learn simple and effective techniques that will have you de-stressed in no time and build your resilience for the journey ahead.

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Tailoring inspirational workshops and presentations that increase passion, purpose and profit by building health, well-being, resilience and team cohesion through laughter, humour, Laughter Yoga and Power Break Meditation.





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