Stress and Resilience Management

Stress is a part of everyday life.  It's second to none when it comes to getting things done, but let it get out of control, or worse still let it take control and it's guaranteed to have a negative impact on your physcial and mental health and well-being and the health and well-being of your workplace, your family and beyond.

The Let's Laugh Stress and Resilience program looks at the biology of stress and offers simple, effective, clinically proven strategies for understanding the positive impacts of stress (yes it does have its positive side) decreasing uneccessary stress, increasing resilience and improving work/life balance.

Bron will design a program that focuses on the sources of stress in your environment or she can provide you with something more general. . 

Popular topic inclusions in our Stress Management programs have been:

  • The biology of stress.  How stress not only effects your phsyical and mental health and well-being but the health and well-being of those who share your day.
  • How to turn stress into resilience, health and effective communication.
  • The effects of posture and facial expression on mood and behaviour and the effects of mood and behaviour on stress and resilience levels.
  • How Flow, Passion and finding your Element can help you balance your work and home life.
  • How to prioritize stress and plan well-being.
  • How to change thought patterns and embrace the Happiness Advantage.
  • Effective breathing, stretching, time out and time in exercises that will help you de-stress in minutes.

While Bron understands that the topic is serious she also understands that a little humour and a bit of fun helps to create the optimum environment for learning and, as are all our programs are, our popular stress management programs are presented in the serious yet humour and information filled, discussion based manner that has made all Let's Laugh programs so popular. 

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