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Our mission:  happy people, happy businesses, happy planet

Let's Laugh is a Social Enterprise dedicated to providing proven and achievable health and well-being strategies to community groups, businesses and organisations that are dedicated to the care of the clients, staff and customers.  

We know that you already possess all you need to live a happy, healthy, creative and productive life but we also know that often our happiness gets lost in the busyness that fills our days.  Our passion is to help you re-discover and master your hidden happiness talents so you can be the healthiest, happiest, most creative and most productive you can be. 

All our programs are based on fun, ok the mindfulness one's might be a bit more subdued, and developed using the latest findings in positive psychology, neuroscience and cognitive and behavioural theory, and are designed to provide you with simple and effective happiness strategies that are easily incorporated into your daily routine.  




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We often hear about happiness, stress and resilience management.  In this day and age management is not enough.  At Let's Laugh we believe we all shoul be able to master them!  It's all about finding the joy within, and it's easier than we might think....



Mindfulness and meditation help to calm the mind and body and are powerful tools when it comes to health and wellbeing but they aren't for everybody, or are they.....



Laughter is so basic and so simple can it really be good for your health?  The answer is YES! and we can show you how....


Why choose Let's Laugh?

Perhaps it's Bron's ability to design and present programs with the ideal mix of fun and seriousness, play and science and professionalism and humour.  It could be her ability to provide you with a session that exceeds your expectations while ensuring that your participants really connect with the content and have loads of fun along the way.  It could be something to do with her more than 20 years of experience as a health and wellbeing consultant and her passion for simple and effective strategies for health and wellbeing.  Or perhaps it's her passion for laughter and fun and the way they're not only good for our physical and mental health but provide the perfect platform for learning invaluable health and wellbeing skills.  

Bron's clients happily share that they chose Let's Laugh because, alongside her in depth knowledge and understanding of her specialist topics and her professional approach to all she does, her experience in her early days as a conference and event organiser means she understands how difficult your job can be so she is flexible, understanding and very easy to work with, plus she's really really funny!

As well as being a stress management, mindfulness and resilience coach Bron is Australia's only Certified Humour Professional, a Laughter Yoga Leader, Trainer and Global Laughter Ambassador and, as a Kraft International Australian Toast of the Nation award winner she's an official Happy Little Vegemite.

Contact us either by email, bronwyn@letslaugh.com.au or on 0421 335 197.

About Let’s Laugh

Tailoring inspirational workshops and presentations that increase passion, purpose and profit by building health, well-being, resilience and team cohesion through laughter, humour, Laughter Yoga and Power Break Meditation.





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